Article Sixteen,

We operate an archive of predominantly designer and streetwear second-hand goods, as well as a hub for not only current and historical fashion but also other creative avenues such as, but not limited to, music and art.

Article Sixteen provides not only a destination to discover a collection of eclectic, authentic, handpicked second-hand pieces, but also offers insight into fashion and the surrounding outlets.

We have set out to fulfil more for our visitors than just consumer habits. We work to inspire, encourage and develop your creativity and fashion interest as well as an abundance of other ideas.

We hope that by visiting our website you are led to unearth the myriad of beautiful pieces we stock, along with the plethora of stimulating and intriguing other material.

Please appreciate the artistry behind clothing, no matter the price tag, or label.

Article Sixteen is committed to operating as sustainably as possible. The vast majority of our packaging is recycled, reusable and biodegradable. We proudly use zero single-use plastic and vow to do whatever we can to improve our carbon footprint.